Compuware Brings the Mainframe Further Into the DevOps Fold

By Darryl K. Taft According to Compuware, no expertise in mainframe technology is required to use the APIs. For instance, the new Promote Release and Deploy Release […]

Compuware Extends Mainframe DevOps Innovation Leadership with REST APIs for ISPW Source Code Management and Release Automation

By Yahoo Finance The APIs are architected as REST web services. No expertise in specialized mainframe technologies is required. The Promote Release and Deploy Release APIs […]

Making the Digital Enterprise a Reality

Digital transformation has moved beyond a mere buzzword and is getting harder and harder to dismiss as just another fad. As it is becoming accepted as […]

Disruptive Technology, Monotonous Marketing At Strata+Hadoop World

O’Reilly’s New York-based Strata+Hadoop World conference is one of the largest big data conferences in the world today, featuring hundreds of vendors touting innovative solutions – […]