Five Surprising Connections in the #Agile #DigitalTransformation Roadmap

A few weeks ago I provided a tour of our new Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap (which is available for free download – be sure to have […]

BBC Interview Series: Jason Bloomberg at Intellyx

By Building Business Capability In anticipation of his presentation at Building Business Capability in Vegas, Oct 31, – Nov. 4, 2016, we asked Jason Bloomberg, President at Intellyx, […]

Mainframes At The Crossroads: Mainstream Or Irrelevant?

The old and new worlds of information technology collided at the SHARE mainframe conference in Atlanta this week. Founded in 1955, SHARE bills itself as the […]

Lightning Strikes the Salesforce Ecosystem

Never satisfied to rest on their unquestionably well-earned laurels, Salesforce continues its relentless drive for innovation with Lighting, its top-to-bottom revamp of its customer experience approach. […]