Measuring the Business Health of the Digitally Transformed Enterprise

How healthy is your business? Or to place the question into a more strategic context: how will digital transformation impact the health of your business? Furthermore, […]

The Rise of the Open Source Enterprise Service Bus

In this webinar Jason Bloomberg explained the evolution and current scenario of the open source middleware market. Following this Atul Saini introduced the Fiorano ESB Community […]

Podcast: The Secret to Omnichannel Success

Podcast featuring Mukund Balasubramanian, CTO of Photon, and Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx. Click to listen to the podcast: Photon is an Intellyx customer.

Bursting Gartner’s ‘Algorithm Economy’ Bubble

Remember Mad Libs? You’d get a book that contained paragraphs with key words missing, replaced with hints as to what might fill the blanks. You and […]