Collision 2016 Recap

By Justin Young It turned out there was a lot of bad press surrounding Collision, the so-called “anti-CES” event designed to bring together tech titans, startups, investors, and […]

28 Ways to Ensure Application Performance in the Hybrid Cloud – Part 2

By APMdigest The secret to ensuring app performance in hybrid cloud or other complex environments is to focus on the business transaction. Such transactions connect the […]

Photon: End-to-End Digital Drives Transformation for Today’s Brands

All major consumer-facing brands are in the midst of difficult digital transformations, but rarely do they go it alone. Instead, they reach out to one professional […]

IT leaders inundated with bimodal IT meme

By Dion Hinchcliffe Where the concept breaks down, as I explored in my original critique of bimodal, is in actual execution. The real world of technology and […]