Bimodal IT: A Good or Bad Idea?

By Alexandra Levit If bimodal IT doesn’t fly, what should IT departments do instead? Wainewright cited analyst Jason Bloomberg, who advised that IT convergence is essential. […]

Ransomware: Coming To A Business Near You

Cybercriminals that mount ransomware attacks, where malware holds victims’ files or entire computers hostage until they pay a ransom, are increasingly targeting businesses, according to new […]

Webinar: Restarting Enterprise Architecture in the age of Digital Transformation

In today’s world of digital transformation, many organizations are struggling to make Enterprise Architecture (EA) work. Some of the existing frameworks are difficult to implement and do […]

企業のデジタル化が進まない? それは「体制」の問題かもしれない

By Jason Bloomberg ビジネスとITを一体化させるために生まれた、エンタープライズアーキテクト(EA)という職業。しかし彼らの多くはIT部門の窓際に追いやられているのが現状だ。デジタル・コンサルティングファームIntellyx社の社長が、EAの本来の役割を生かし、デジタル化を進める方法を語る。 Read the entire article at