Rocana vs. Splunk: IT Operations Showdown

By David Spark Today’s IT operations can’t operate without continuous real-time anomaly detection. “Everything that Splunk does is built on their search capability,” said Trajman. “But […]

DevOps: A Cultural Rethink

DevOps is an organizational and cultural rethink of how software-driven organizations can become organizations at velocity – agile enough to innovate and fast enough to deal […]

Bring Anonymous’s War on Daesh to the Enterprise

As the war against Daesh (formerly ISIS or ISIL) heats up following the terrorist attacks in Paris, the hacker group Anonymous has taken a leadership position […]

CA Technologies: Riding The Wave Of Disruption

In its nearly forty years of history, CA Technologies has seen its fair share of disruption. Today, of course, disruption is everywhere – and for a […]