Seven Extreme Customer Centricity Tips for Digital Transformation

One of the most important tenets of digital transformation is that it’s customer-driven. In fact, the only reason technology is involved at all is because today’s […]

Digital Transformation Depends Upon Next-Generation Architecture Tools

Over the years, the enterprise architecture (EA) and business architecture (BA) tooling market has had its share of struggles. As I’ve written about before, EA as […]

Stuck in Bimodal IT?

By Peter Gfader Jason Bloomberg brings in an interesting perspective by saying: Balderdash! on Dangers of Bimodal IT. Jason explains: The business world is in a […]

Weathering the Insurance Perfect Storm

Remaining Customer-Centric and Data-Driven in an Era of Rapid Change The days of your father’s insurance company, all wing tips and narrow ties, is long gone. […]