Salesforce Ecosystem: Growth Beyond The Cloud

As continues its inexorable rise, moving from sixth-largest to fourth-largest software company by next year (according to CEO Marc Benioff), customers and competitors alike might […]

Microsoft Is a Launch Partner for Salesforce’s New IoT Cloud Service

By John K. Waters Salesforce said it will launch its new IoT Cloud service officially sometime next year. Microsoft is the first Thunder user; Benioff called […]

Salesforce IoT Cloud: Massive Scale For ‘Internet Of Customers’

Both Lightning and Thunder jolted the audience out of their seats at this week’s massive Dreamforce conference. But the news wasn’t about the weather. It was […]

Webinar: Four Considerations for Monitoring Microservices

The adoption of microservices add a new layer of complexity to an already complex application environment. When application issues arise, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the […]