Brownfield and Greenfield IT Ops: How Should You Manage Your Crop?

By Rob Markovich Two particular takeaways are worth further discussion here. First is point #1 mentioned above, that one size in cloud doesn’t fit for all […]

Compuware’s Innovative Topaz(TM) Runtime Visualizer Revolutionizes Mainframe DevOps With Fast Graphical Mapping of Program-to-Program Calls

Combined with the capabilities already provided by this year’s three previous Topaz releases—including cross-platform data visualization and editing, static COBOL and PL/I code visualization, and Java-on-mainframe […]

Digital Transformation: Sometimes | Maybe | Absolutely

By Steve Andriole Every consultant on the planet today has a suite of products and services that enable digital transformation. When well managed, consultants will help […]

SIOS iQ: Next-Generation Machine Learning for Holistic Operational Analysis

The Importance of Machine Learning As innovation in big data analysis techniques accelerates, the bar for operational analytics rises apace. The sheer quantity of different types […]