Digital Breathes New Life into Service-Oriented Architecture

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an approach for abstracting enterprise software capabilities as reusable services in order to support more flexible business processes and ideally, more agile […]

DevOps Perspectives 3 eBook

Straight talking and the latest thinking from the DevOps frontline. This eBook unearths the key topics around DevOps as heard directly from the experts. Read the […]

Top 5 on Twitter for June 2015 — Service Virtualization Today

By Michael Joseph Summer’s frying the Northern Hemisphere. We’ve also turned up the heat on our new and much-improved Service Virtualization Today site. Here’s the best […]

Are Microservices ‘SOA Done Right’?

Given my years at ZapThink, fighting to help architects understand what Service-Oriented Architecture really was and how to get it right, it’s no surprise that many […]