Killer Robots: One More Thing To Worry About?

If one scientist raises the alarm about the danger of killer robots, then perhaps he’s been watching too much Terminator. When over 3,000 scientists, professors, and […]

hybris: Raising Awareness (PAN Communications Case Study)

TARGET Raise awareness for hybris as the leading front end solution inside SAP’s Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC) platform. ENGAGE Through a series of product launches, […]

STAYview(TM) Wins 2015 Stratus Award for Software as a Service of the Year

“We are so proud that our judges awarded HRsoft with a 2015 Stratus Award,” said Russ Fordyce, Managing Director of the Business Intelligence Group. “It is […]

Ashley Madison Extortion Attack: Critical Lessons For Enterprise Cybersecurity

Do you cheat on your spouse? Then chances are, you’re sweating bullets over the recent Ashley Madison hack. However, if you’re in enterprise IT, you should […]