ITARC 2015 Iasa World Summit – Wrap Up

Wrap-up of the ITARC IASA Enterprise Architecture Summit in Stockholm, May 2015. Featuring John Zachman, Robin Teigland, and Jason Bloomberg.
General Motors mobile application, built by McCann Detroit

Transforming Branding: Digital In Advertising

For those of us in the technology world, digital is a technology concept – customer-driven technology to be sure, but still about the ones and zeroes […]

Bimodal: IT innovation or excuse?

By Justin Vaughan-Brown Another Gartner viewpoint comes to mind—that of a “Pace Layer” strategy; organizations have systems of record, differentiation and innovation, with the first changing […]

Reinventing the application for IoT and beyond

Do you think you know what an application is? Well, think again. Back in the day, “application” was simply another word for computer program. It ran […]