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Data is now the lifeblood of any organization. It holds the key to everything from greater operational optimization and efficiencies to entirely new business models and the transformation of customer engagements. Despite this, most enterprise organizations struggle under the weight of their data neither knowing what they have, what they need, or even what to do with their data once they have it.

Insight Engines has built a platform to solve these problems and “unlock the value of your data.” The company’s solution first helps organizations automate the process of data source analysis and understand the data currently available and how it aligns with defined needs. The company then applies its Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to enable both technical and non-technical user to simply ask questions of the data using plain English, which it then translates into complex queries.

The company is currently applying its technology to help organizations manage machine data stored in Splunk, and is primarily focused on security-related use cases. In that context, users can ask the platform simple questions like, “Which users successfully logged into infected systems yesterday?” The simple interface and the extensible nature of the platform, however, certainly seem to indicate that other, more broad use cases will soon follow.

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