Collision of Ideas, and Dev and Ops, Propels a New Frontier of Innovation

By Steve Brodie Another clear point that was made at Collision was that digital transformation is disrupting every industry. We now see DevOps as a means […]

Continuous Delivery Suicide = Building Application Architectures with Microservices, but without Service Virtualization

By Scott Edwards Jason Bloomberg recently wrote a great blog on how these microservices are a lot like Lego building blocks, helping developers “mix and match […]

Dispelling Three Mainframe Myths for the Digital Era

Listen in on a conversation among techies today, and you’ll likely hear several recently minted buzzwords, casually dropped into conversation: Cloud. Big data. DevOps. Containers. Microservices. […]

CIOs Not Doing Enough To Protect Mainframes

From the CXOToday News Desk Mainframes continue to endure a backbone for most business organizations globally, despite being a legacy architecture and is popular across large […]