Aria Systems: Enabling the Transformation of Business Models

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Across the enterprise landscape, there is plenty of chatter about digital disruption, the transformation of business models and optimizing the customer […]

Omnichannel 1.0 is Dead. Long live Omnichannel 2.0

From Toys ‘R’ Us to the Bon-Ton, you don’t have to look very far to see that bricks-and-mortar retail is an industry struggling under the burden […]


By btc112 原文作者:Jason Bloomberg 在《南方公园》经典的一集动画中,男孩们遇到了内裤侏儒(Underpants Gnomes)的巢穴——因他们经营一家收集内裤的公司而得名。他们的商业模式为:第一步,收集内裤;第三步,利润。但是,第二步有点不明确。 这是许多区块链业务的状态,但决不代表全部。本周在伦敦举办的区块链博览会上,可以看到两种类型的公司:具有真正商业模式的公司,以及有精彩创意但没有明确盈利途径的项目。 侏儒竞争者 Read the entire article at
A keypunch machine: digitization technology from the last century.

Digitization, Digitalization, And Digital Transformation: Confuse Them At Your Peril

As the hype around digital transformation continues to persist, the terms ‘digitization’ and ‘digitalization’ join the fray, increasing the level of hype while adding confusion. In […]