Instana: Application Performance Management for Microservices Applications

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update Despite their efforts to the contrary, vendors of earlier generation application performance management (APM) tools have found their products to be […]

Nginx and MongoDB: Extending Our Support Matrix for Wider Visibility

By Yossi Shirizli Back in 2014, Jason Bloomberg for Forbes, commented that “the APM market is in the eye of the digital transformation hurricane.” Looking at the future […]


By 10tiao ITSM将把关注焦点从IT基础设施转移到以用户体验为核心的功能设计上。基于ITSM构建的应用程序将提供更丰富、更强大的用户体验,这也意味着ITSM与其他业务模块之间的数据孤岛被消除,围绕用户和业务提供全局IT管理服务。 Jason Bloomberg,Intellyx总裁 Read the entire article at

Shoppimon: Digital Experience Monitoring for Ecommerce

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Leading Application Performance Management (APM) offerings focus on a wide range of enterprise use cases, and typically monitor business metrics as […]