Essential Steps to Become Agile – Part 4

By DevOps Digest AGILE ARCHITECTURE The key to achieving business agility – not simply success with Agile approaches – is Agile Architecture: a reinvention of enterprise […]

[신간] ‘애자일 아키텍처 혁명’…유연성은 비즈니스 문제

By Tech M [테크M = 도강호 기자] IT 기술을 바탕으로 사회와 시장이 급변하고 있다. 빠른 변화에 대응하기 위한 기업의 전략으로 애자일이 주목받고 있다. 애자일은 짧은 기간 […]

Change As Core Competency: Transforming The Role Of The Enterprise Architect

In my first article for Forbes in July 2014, Is Enterprise Architecture Completely Broken?, I compared enterprise architects to Milton, a character in the cult film […]

Architecture in an Increasingly Dynamic World

By Arthur Cole But probably the biggest change in enterprise architectures is not the designs themselves but the ways in which knowledge workers will interact with […]