OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado

‘Pulverize’ Your Monolithic Legacy Apps With Low-Code And Modern Architecture

The no-code and low-code markets continue to mature, as no-code vendors provide more complete, easy-to-use application construction tools for non-technical, ‘citizen’ developers – while low-code vendors […]
The TSB logo, hearkening back to better days for the bank.

Don’t Let Your Cloud Migration Become A ‘Clusterf*ck’

Earlier this year, the UK-based bank TSB attempted a major IT migration, a massive project several years in the making. The result was a complete and […]

Polyglot Microservices Architectures: No App Is an Island

An ADTmag.com Editorial Webcast Moderator: John K. Waters, Editor at Large, ADTmag.com Speaker: Jason Bloomberg, Founder & President, Intellyx A polyglot microservices environment allows enterprise developers […]

The Cloud and the Edge: The Twain Shall Meet

By Carl Weinschenk  “The need to intricately choreograph the interactions between the edge and the core/cloud/whatever (and it’s not a simple two-tier architecture, it’s actually a complex, […]