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Polyverse: Moving OS Targets Faster than Cyber Threats Can Find Them

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief If a generally available Linux OS is a plain donut, Polyverse CEO Alex Gounares and his team are churning out millions […]
Patches in the enterprise may number in the millions.

To Patch Or Not To Patch? Surprisingly, That Is The Question

As the 2017 Equifax data breach illustrates, unpatched software represents a massive cybersecurity challenge for enterprises today. In that case, the vulnerability in question was well […]

Cybersecurity Lessons Learned From ‘Panama Papers’ Breach

In the weeks since the revelation of the Panama Papers, the world of the rich and powerful has been reeling. A single cyberattack against Mossack Fonseca, […]

Breach Containment: Shifting the Tide of Cybersecurity

What do Anthem, British Airways, CareFirst, Experian, Home Depot, the IRS, Japan Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, NASDAQ, Sony Pictures, Staples, and the US Office of Personnel […]