The Profound, Surprising Future of the Internet of Things

As the old Danish proverb says, it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. Add the exponential pattern of change familiar from Moore’s Law […]

From Fitbit To Volkswagen: The Dangers Of Inaccurate Data

Fresh off the Vegas-style hypefest that is the Consumer Electronics Show, fitness wearables darling Fitbit is already in hot water. Numerous customers, furious at the inaccuracies […]

Promise doesn’t equal proof

By Maneesh Juneja I appreciate that in the modern era, algorithms are closely guarded secrets by companies just like Kentucky Fried Chicken guards its secret recipe. […]

VW Emissions Scandal: Death Knell for IoT?

One can hardly read a word about the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal without replacing our collective Fahrvergnügen with Schadenfreude. Massive German auto maker, caught red-handed falsifying […]