The CIO Business Case for Citizen Development

Citizen Development offers CIOs the ability to solve two of their greatest challenges: development capacity and creating better engagement through automation. They should, therefore, embrace it and make it a core part of their technology strategy

FileMaker Update: Inching Closer to the Enterprise

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update We last spoke with the folks at FileMaker almost a year and a half ago. Since that time, the company has […]

Citizen IT developers: Friend or foe of the IT industry?

Citizen IT developers could compromise an IT department’s ability to do this by removing oversight. Yes, the low-code platforms provide tools to create apps expediently and […]

Dispelling the Myth of the ‘Citizen Developer’

Business users have either been trying to build their own software-based solutions or customize existing solutions for years now, but with limited success. Today, however, such […]