In Search of the Elusive ‘Citizen Integrator’

The rise of the market for No-Code platforms and tools has given rise to a burgeoning population of ‘citizen developers’ – non-technical business personnel who can […]

SnapLogic: Making Enterprise-Class Integration a Snap

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Conventional wisdom would have it that enterprise-class integration is complex, difficult, and requires seasoned experts, while integration tools simple enough for […]

Citizen Developers: Low Code Is Now Enterprise-Class

The rise of ‘citizen development’ signals the end of shadow IT. That realization is one important takeaway from QuickBase’s second annual Empower customer conference, and its […]

Citizen Integrators – Excel for Integration?

By Phil Wilkins The biggest challenge, is for SME’s to ensure that their colleagues within the IT organisation who face into the business organisation understand and promote […]