Compuware brings agile and DevOps to the mainframe

By Christina Cardoza “As large enterprises digitally transform to compete in today’s fast-moving markets, the smart ones are aggressively transforming their mainframes away from siloed, waterfall-bound development, […]

Compuware Launches Topaz on AWS

By John K. Waters Charles Araujo, principal analyst with Intellyx, agrees that modernizing mainframe applications is a critical activity for enterprises competing in a digital-first world. “That […]

Con Topaz on AWS, Compuware suma las capacidades del cloud al desarrollo mainframe

By techWEEK editor Según Charles Araujo, analista principal de Intellyx “la modernización de las aplicaciones mainframe es un objetivo crítico para aquellas organizaciones que quieran competir en un […]

Don’t Kill Your Digital Transformation with Technology Obsession

By Michael Siemasz Two-platform IT is not the same as poisonous bimodal IT. Two-platform IT advocates for “modernizing legacy assets like COBOL programs in place, by incorporating […]