The price of Tether’s USDT stablecoin relative to the US dollar from June through October 2018, showing its loss of peg to the dollar on October 15.

Bernie Madoff Move Over: ‘Stablecoins’ Have You Beat

Everybody is familiar with the Ponzi scheme: the scammer dupes investors into giving him their money, paying out early investors with incoming investments, thus presenting a […]

VIDEO: The Lies that Blockchain Fans Tell Themselves (and Anyone Else Who Will Listen)

Jason Bloomberg presenting at BlockShow Americas, August 2018 From ‘it’s OK that some miners are criminals because criminals also use fiat’ to ‘there will be a […]

The Crypto Show: BlockShow 2018 Jason Bloomberg, Paul Rogers, Kevin McKernan And Bobby Lee

Podcast from the floor of the BlockShow conference in Las Vegas. Todays show is another episode for The Bloomberg Business Radio Network recorded at BlockShow 2018 […]

Beware the Dangers of the Decentralized Web

Tim Berners-Lee, the famed inventor of the World Wide Web, has a new project: the Decentralized Web. His thinking is that great Internet powers like Facebook […]