Cryptojacking: Piracy on teh Interwebz

Cryptojacking Displaces Ransomware As Most Popular Cyberthreat

If you’re concerned about cybersecurity, and you’re not up to speed on illicit crypto mining, aka ‘cryptojacking,’ then it’s time to get with the program. Cryptojacking […]
Would Al Capone have been a cryptojacker? You can bet your last bottle of Canadian whiskey.

Anti-Semitism Drives Irrational Response To Cryptocurrency Warning

In my article We Need To Shut Bitcoin And All Other Cryptocurrencies Down. Here’s Why from last week, I made the argument that cryptomining (the transaction […]

The ‘most dangerous threat of 2018’ and why we need to ‘slay the beast’

In our call of the day, he expands on what he believes is the most dangerous threat in 2018: illicit cryptomining, or “cryptojacking” That’s when hackers […]
Sometimes mining ain’t pretty.

Users of the Bitcoin are sponsors of organized crime

By luboš motl  Bloomberg argues that the cryptocurrencies with the public blockchain – Ripple is the only possible counterexample of a semi-permissioned blockchain – should be banned […]