Technologies Battle at Blockchain Expo North America 2018

By Fatir Malik Several startups who adopted one of the technologies explained about the use of it in their enterprises. According to the founder and president of Agile […]
Smart city display at IoT Expo

Blockchain, Internet Of Things, And Artificial Intelligence Battle Hype At Expo

For those Silicon Valleyites weary of traveling to Las Vegas for re:Invent, Encore Media Group brought its Blockchain Expo/IoT Expo/AI Expo combo conference to Santa Clara […]

Racist Data? Human Bias is Infecting AI Development

By John Murray Machine learning algorithms process vast quantities of data and spot correlations, trends and anomalies, at levels far beyond even the brightest human mind. […]

Big data and big insights

By Web Summit Join Jager McConnell, Zander Lurie, Gaurav Dhillon and Jason Bloomberg as they talk data and insights. Successful businesses are driven by curious leaders with […]