ServiceNow President & CEO John Donahoe on stage

ServiceNow Drives Platform Innovation With Next-Generation Ecosystem

Enterprise software vendor ecosystems are nothing new. Even in the early days of enterprise computing when a handful of mainframe vendors dominated the market, each of […]


By btc112 原文作者:Jason Bloomberg 在《南方公园》经典的一集动画中,男孩们遇到了内裤侏儒(Underpants Gnomes)的巢穴——因他们经营一家收集内裤的公司而得名。他们的商业模式为:第一步,收集内裤;第三步,利润。但是,第二步有点不明确。 这是许多区块链业务的状态,但决不代表全部。本周在伦敦举办的区块链博览会上,可以看到两种类型的公司:具有真正商业模式的公司,以及有精彩创意但没有明确盈利途径的项目。 侏儒竞争者 Read the entire article at
Spare any underpants?

Blockchain’s ‘Underpants Gnomes’ Problem

In a classic episode of South Park, the boys encounter a lair of Underpants Gnomes – so named because they run a business collecting underpants. Their […]
Becoming a unicorn: rarely a practical business goal.

Platform Revolution And Digital Transformation: Don’t Become The Next Unicorn

Uber. Airbnb. Facebook. It seems that every Silicon Valley conversation, every software pitch deck, every article on digital transformation must mention these unicorns. Pioneers of the […]