Creating Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era with ‘Agile Pods’

Since the rise of the industrial era over 150 years ago, there have been a number of business trends that have shaped the course of both […]

Globant StarmeUp: Maintaining a Digital Culture

For many organizations, digital transformation means customer-driven, technology-enabled organizational change. In many cases, however, organizational change also drives technology innovation. That’s the situation that global digital […]

Globant: Disrupting the Digital Consulting Marketplace

Brands all over the world are undergoing digital transformation as changing customer preferences and behavior are disrupting their existing business models. It’s no surprise, therefore, that […]

Edited Transcript of GLOB earnings conference call

By Martin Migoya A very interesting article published recently at Forbes by Jason Bloomberg, titled Reinventing Marketing with Consumer Journeys, describes Globant positioning in this new game […]