The word ‘backlog’ originally meant a large log at the back of the hearth.

Don’t Let Your Application Backlog Sink Your Digital Transformation

As companies proceed with their digital transformations, software becomes increasingly strategic and pervasive – which means they need more of it. Lots more. The demand for […]

10 Low-Code Industry Terms Explained for the Non-IT Crowd

5. Digital transformation “Digital transformation” is another term largely influenced by Gartner’s role in the no-code/low-code industry. Gartner’s glossary identifies digital transformation as “the process of […]

What & Who Are Low-Code Business Application Platforms For?

Kintone: You’ve penned several Forbes articles about the rise of the citizen developer and how it’s pushing shadow IT aside. How did this all evolve? Why […]

Citizen IT developers: Friend or foe of the IT industry?

Citizen IT developers could compromise an IT department’s ability to do this by removing oversight. Yes, the low-code platforms provide tools to create apps expediently and […]