Plutora: Software Value Stream Management

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief First there was software release management: software that handles the various configurations and processes around releasing software builds into various environments. […]

White Paper: Is Your DevOps Lean? Not if Your Toolchain Isn’t

Born out of Toyota’s streamlined manufacturing processes, the Lean movement now provides simplicity, customer focus, improved quality, and speed to software development teams, especially in large […]

Spread the DevOps Virus in Your Organization (Part One)

When an organization finally figures out how to get DevOps to work properly, it’s unquestionably a beautiful thing. A team working together at full speed, delivering […]

5 issues with Agile and what’s next

By Yaniv Yehuda In a recent article on Forbes, Jason Bloomberg makes the point that despite technology typically refreshing every three years or so, Agile is still […]