The Time Has Come for Low-Code Platforms

The notion that a suitably sophisticated platform might ease the custom coding work of software developers has been around for many years. Fourth-generation languages (4GLs) like […]

Webinar: The Bimodal Bake Off: Putting Teams and Talent to the Test

Maybe you believe that IT can coexist in two separate but complementary modes as both stable and agile. Or maybe you’re convinced that those two modes […]

OutSystems: Low Code for High-Performing Engineering Teams

As the “low code” platform market explodes, many non-technical employees of today’s organizations are able to build enterprise-class applications by assembling pre-built components using simple, drag […]

Deloitte Partners With OutSystems To Free Customers From Bimodal IT Trap

This week low-code enterprise Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform provider OutSystems is announcing a global alliance agreement with Deloitte Consultores S.A., the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited […]