VIDEO: The Lies that Blockchain Fans Tell Themselves (and Anyone Else Who Will Listen)

Jason Bloomberg presenting at BlockShow Americas, August 2018 From ‘it’s OK that some miners are criminals because criminals also use fiat’ to ‘there will be a […]

Critics are unimpressed at Telegram’s $1.7 billion ICO

Even after outlining their opinion of the equal pros to the project’s cons, they “aren’t convinced that Telegram will deliver significant upside beyond the ICO valuation.” […]

Telegram (TON) & how it Became Big Business

By YUSUFF OLAYODE SUPOTO Telegram and Scam: Any Link? The yielding result of Telegram’s ICO which many branded as a scam is surprising. Analysts have weighed in […]

Seven More Lies Bitcoin (And Altcoin) Fans Tell Themselves

A month ago, my article Seven Lies Bitcoin Fans Tell Themselves (And Anyone Else Who Will Listen) clearly struck a nerve, as almost half a million […]