How the Customer Experience Killed Shadow IT

The reason we are no longer discussing shadow IT is not because there is an insignificant amount of IT-type activity occurring outside of the IT function. It’s just that the most progressive IT leaders have accepted them as legitimate IT functions and have welcomed them in from the shadows.

Dispelling the Myth of the ‘Citizen Developer’

Business users have either been trying to build their own software-based solutions or customize existing solutions for years now, but with limited success. Today, however, such […]

Low-Code: Optimizing AppDev without Sacrificing IT Control

As enterprises reacted to the drawbacks of traditional, waterfall development – long timeframes, high costs, and results that rarely met customer expectations – they had to […]
IT must lose its ‘gatekeeper’ role to properly support citizen development.

Do Low-Code/No-Code ‘Citizen Developers’ Exacerbate Shadow IT?

As the low-code/no-code movement continues to explode, skeptics look askance at the trend and wonder if we’ve been down this road before. After all, we’ve seen […]