SnapLogic: Making Enterprise-Class Integration a Snap

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Conventional wisdom would have it that enterprise-class integration is complex, difficult, and requires seasoned experts, while integration tools simple enough for […]

Gaurav Dhillon: The Master Plumber of the Digital Age

By Darren Cunningham SnapLogic founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillon was recently interviewed by Jason Bloomberg as part of his Digital Influencer series on Forbes. The article goes […]

Gaurav Dhillon: Digital Influencer And Infrastructure Visionary

There’s an old saying about plumbing: you never think about it until there’s a problem with it. Then the plumber is your best friend in the […]

EA Communique: How EAs Should Support the Chief Digital Officer

The role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is the exec title du jour, surpassing the CIO as the go-to person for transformation of the enterprise. […]