ADTR Poster 600 x 450Digital transformation means far more than a customer-focused technology transformation.

In reality, it represents end-to-end business transformation as organizations establish change as a core competency.

The Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster illustrates the complex, intertwined steps enterprises must take to achieve the benefits of digital transformation.

About the Poster

The poster is the companion to Jason Bloomberg's forthcoming book, Agile Digital Transformation.

The poster features five main focus areas: customer experience, enterprise IT, agile architecture, devops, and big data.

Organizations traverse these focus areas as they deal with changing customer preferences, siloed organizations, obsolete applications, and exploding quantities of data.

The result: transformed businesses that leverage enterprisewide horizontal self-organization, business at velocity, ‘infinite’ scale, digital on demand, and intelligent software to achieve strategic advantage in a digitally transformed world.

About the Book

The Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster is the companion to Jason Bloomberg’s forthcoming book Agile Digital Transformation, to be published in 2017. This book will lay out a practical approach for digitally transforming organizations to be more agile and innovative.

Download the poster today to receive updates on the book as they become available.

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About Dynatrace

Dynatrace ( is the innovator behind the industry’s premier digital performance platform, making real-time information about digital performance visible and actionable for everyone across business and IT. We help customers of all sizes see their applications and digital channels through the lens of their end users. More than 8,000 organizations use these insights to master complexity, gain operational agility and grow revenue by delivering amazing customer experiences.

About Software AG

The digital transformation is changing enterprise IT landscapes from inflexible application silos to modern software platform-driven IT architectures which deliver the openness, speed and agility needed to enable the digital real-time enterprise.

Software AG ( offers the first end-to-end Digital Business Platform, based on open standards, with integration, process management, in-memory data, adaptive application development, real-time analytics and enterprise architecture management as core building blocks. The modular platform allows users to develop the next generation of application systems to build their digital future, today.

With over 45 years of customer-centric innovation, Software AG is ranked as a leader in many innovative and digital technology categories. Software AG has more than 4,300 employees, is active in 70 countries and had revenues of €873 million in 2015.


SOASTA ( is the leader in performance analytics. The SOASTA Digital Performance Management Platform enables digital business owners to gain unprecedented and continuous performance insights into their real user experience on mobile and web devices in real time and at scale. With more than 100 million tests performed and more than 300 billion user experiences measured, tested and optimized, SOASTA is the digital performance expert trusted by industry-leading brands, including 53 of the Top 100 internet retailers, six of the Forbes Top 10 media companies and seven of the Forbes Top 10 tech companies, including Apple, Target, Nordstrom, Staples, Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, Etsy, Nike, Best Buy, Adobe, Intuit, Microsoft, DIRECTV, Netflix and CBS. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

About Compuware

Compuware ( empowers the world’s largest companies to excel in the digital economy by fully leveraging their high-value mainframe investments. We do this by delivering highly innovative solutions that uniquely enable IT professionals with mainstream skills to manage mainframe applications, data, and platform operations.

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About OutSystems

OutSystems ( provides the most trusted enterprise Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform to accelerate digital transformation. OutSystems Platform is the fastest and most comprehensive way to create, deploy, change, and manage custom mobile and web applications - delivered seamlessly across all devices. Available as a cloud or on-premises solution with deep integration to all existing systems and an open architecture, OutSystems manages the complete application lifecycle of large portfolios at over 600 enterprise organizations in 33 countries across 22 industries.

About C C & C Solutions

CC and C Solutions ( is a boutique Enterprise Architecture and IT Transformation consulting and training company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia and with offices worldwide. Our mission is to lead development and growth of Enterprise Architecture and IT Capability:

  • for the individual
  • for the organization
  • and for the industry

About Fiber Mountain

The Glass Core from Fiber Mountain ( transforms network infrastructure of today’s increasingly complex and bandwidth-hungry data centers through its AllPath Director orchestration system, Optical Path Exchange and AllPath Connect family of intelligent layer 1 products. These software-defined solutions create a virtual connectivity fabric which brings new levels of intelligence to the network through direct packet delivery and software controlled configuration and seamless, high-speed connectivity management between switches, routers, servers and storage devices. Fiber Mountain dramatically increases network speed and efficiency and significantly reduces traditional data center expansion and operation costs.

About Chef Software

Founded in 2008, Chef Software ( is changing the way companies build and deliver software to delight customers. Chef is the leader in automation for DevOps, a cultural and professional movement, focused on how we build and operate high velocity organizations, born from the experiences of its practitioners. Built on a strong open source foundation, we have distilled the proven patterns and practices for fast and scalable software development into our leading IT automation platform. Chef automates the continuous and unified delivery of applications and infrastructure, enabling enterprises worldwide to deliver software much faster with minimal risk. With hundreds of commercial customers and tens of thousands of open source community members, we are leading one of the strongest technology movements in the world today.

About OpenLegacy

OpenLegacy (, named a ‘Cool Vendor in Integration’ by Gartner, has pioneered a unique compiled-API approach, instantly delivering enterprise core applications as digital services. OpenLegacy’s non-intrusive solution is lean in time and resources and leverages years of investment in existing critical systems. OpenLegacy is revolutionizing the market by putting power into the hands of partners and customers. Together, they are extending the life and value of their enterprise systems, through the power of APIs.

About 2nd Watch

2nd Watch ( is an AWS Premier Partner providing managed cloud to enterprises. The company’s subject matter experts, software-enabled services and cutting-edge solutions provide companies with tested, proven, and trusted solutions, allowing them to fully leverage the power of the public cloud. 2nd Watch solutions are high performing, robust, increase operational excellence, decrease time to market, accelerate growth and lower risk. Its patent-pending, proprietary tools automate everyday workload management processes for big data analytics, digital marketing, line-of-business and cloud native workloads. 2nd Watch is a new breed of partner which helps enterprises design, deploy and manage cloud solutions and monitors business critical workloads 24x7. 2nd Watch has more than 400 enterprise workloads under its management and more than 75,000 instances in its managed public cloud. The venture-backed company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

About Loop AI

Loop AI Labs ( delivers a cognitive computing platform that learns and understands the language and concepts specific to a single company. Using unsupervised deep learning technology, the platform supports a company’s Digital Transformation strategy by unlocking its unstructured data, making that data usable within its current suite of analytics tools and processes. Insights can therefore be extracted from all of a company’s data, not just the typical structured elements.

The Platform automates processing and understanding of dark data specific to each business, regardless of language, dialect, or misspellings, breaking prevailing barriers that previously required tradeoffs among speed, workforce, cost, and quality. Deployment and integration is easy and efficient. The platform is offered on premises, in the cloud, or embedded in smart/IoT devices. Loop AI Labs intends to help major sectors of the economy -- such as healthcare, media, finance, insurance, telecommunications, and retail -- to benefit from the efficiencies of a new era of machine intelligence, and to make people’s lives easier, safer, and more productive.

About Certes Networks

Certes Networks ( is leading the Software-Defined Security revolution. The company’s award-winning CryptoFlow® Solutions enable enterprise applications to be securely extended to any user on any device in any network, Cloud or virtual environment. Companies in 84 countries around the world rely on security solutions from Certes to protect access, accelerate application deployment, simplify network projects, reduce IT costs, contain breach threats, and shrink the enterprise attack surface.