Intellyx is an industry analyst firm focused on agile digital transformation.

Intellyx President Jason Bloomberg and Principal Analysts Charles Araujo and Jason ‘JE’ English are well-known technology writers and industry thought leaders.

Collectively, they have written eight books and published over 1,500 articles in business and industry media.

Intellyx content covers all disruptive trends within enterprise IT – from mainframes to digital marketing, cloud computing to digital performance management.

However, instead of focusing on technology itself, Intellyx raises the discussion to a broad business context that connects the dots for business and IT professionals alike.

Intellyx then leverages the respect and attention of this broad enterprise audience to provide advisory and content marketing services to a select group of vendors and digital consultancies.

Intellyx’s primary value proposition to these customers is brand building and lead generation via go-to-market advisory services and credible third-party content marketing that is both engaging and insightful.

Intellyx combines a business-driven vision, the power of social media, a well-qualified enterprise IT audience, and focused, high-quality content to drive value for its customers.

The Process

Cracking the Business-to-Business social media code.

Promotion and brand awareness are an integral part of everything Intellyx does for its customers. All Intellyx-created content (as well as certain subscriber-created content) goes through a multi-step publication and promotional process that leverages our social media reach.

Intellyx publishes every piece it produces on its web site (either in full, or in part with a link to the full version or the registration page for an event). Once it’s published on the site, it goes out via syndication to the Sys-Con family of magazines (Big Data Journal, Cloud Computing Journal, Microservices Journal, and several others).

Intellyx also promotes all of its events in its biweekly Cortex and Brain Candy email newsletters. In the Cortex, Intellyx also promotes everything its analysts write as well as every mention of Intellyx or its analysts in blog posts, press releases, and news.

Intellyx also posts to LinkedIn Pulse and cross-posts to several LinkedIn groups, including the Intellyx-managed Agile Architecture Revolution group, as well as Google Plus and Twitter. LinkedIn groups are in many ways a ‘secret weapon,’ as some of the groups Intellyx posts to have hundreds of thousands of active members, and the moderators of those groups typically approve the posts because of the value of the content.

When videos of webinars or conference presentations are available, Intellyx posts them to the Intellyx YouTube channel and from there, feeds them into the rest of this process. Furthermore, whenever a subscriber posts relevant content anywhere online, tweets, or mentions or quotes Intellyx, Intellyx will tweet or retweet those mentions and cross-post them when appropriate.

The Intellyx Influence Subscription

The primary way Intellyx works with its customers.

The Influence Subscription has four levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold annual subscriptions, as well as the six-month Mercury Influence Subscription specifically for startups.

Every subscription includes a bundle of content marketing services, as well as unlimited advisory, press support, social media support, and introductions to Intellyx’s vast circle of contacts and followers:

Unlimited Advisory

Set up calls or exchange emails with any or all of Intellyx’s analysts for advice, briefings, competitive insights, or to have them review or edit marketing copy, analyst decks, or other materials.

Press Support

Intellyx will provide quotes for press releases or speak to reporters or other influencers on its customer’s behalf. Intellyx will also work with subscribers to come up with ideas for articles Intellyx analysts write for Forbes, CIO Magazine, or other venues.


On an as-requested basis, Intellyx will make personal introductions to target individuals for lead generation, recruiting, funding, or other purposes.

Social Media Support

Intellyx will retweet and cross-post relevant subscriber articles, tweets, press releases and other online content.

Subscription Levels & Pricing

Intellyx offers four subscription levels: the Bronze, Silver, and Gold annual Influence Subscriptions, and the six-month Mercury Influence Subscription for startups.

In addition to the four core services listed above, every Intellyx Influence Subscription comes with a package of content marketing services, which may include white papers, blog posts, ebooks, participation in webinars, and other services. Intellyx also offers these services on an a la carte basis (separate from a subscription).

Intellyx combines these content marketing services into an Influence Quotient (IQ) Point Package, either as part of a subscription or separately. IQ Point Packages are Intellyx’s way of offering discounts for bundling content marketing services together, and for offering additional discounts for Influence Subscribers.

Click here for more information about Intellyx's content marketing services and the IQ Point Packages.

In addition, Intellyx offers different payment terms options, and we're also happy to put together a custom Subscription to meet your specific needs. Just ask!


$8,897for Six Months
  • 200 Influence Quotient (IQ) Points
  • Web site review
  • Analyst deck review
  • Pitch deck review
  • Strategy brainstorm
  • Staffing review
  • Unlimited Advisory
  • Press Support
  • Introductions
  • Social Media Support
  • 10% discount on additional services
  • Recognition as Mercury Sponsor on Intellyx Web site
  • For firms at A round or earlier
  • Price reflects 10% up-front payment discount


$20,997for One Year


$28,697for One Year


$35,297for One Year