IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe

London UK
June 13 – 14
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JasonBloomberg-tight-300x412As enterprises around the world struggle with their digital transformation efforts, many are finding that innovative digital teams are moving much faster than their hidebound IT organizations. Rather than struggling to convince traditional IT to get with the digital program, executives are taking advice from IT research firm Gartner, and encouraging existing IT to continue in their desultory ways.

However, many CIOs are realizing the dangers of following Gartner’s advice. The central challenge with bimodal IT is that it encourages IT management to shift their transformation efforts away from ‘slow’ IT to ‘fast’ digital efforts.

Such bimodality is a recipe for disaster, as transformation efforts must be end-to-end. If IT governance remains buried in ‘slow’ IT, then ‘fast’ digital risks compliance breaches, security vulnerabilities and worse.

To help bimodal enterprises avoid such a fate, enterprises require professionals with an end-to-end view of the organization — experts who understand the organizational, technological, information, and process challenges that digital transformation efforts must surmount. Who better than the Enterprise Architects to lead their organizations out of the bimodal quagmire?

Attendees of this session will:

  • Gain an understanding of the bimodal pattern in today’s enterprises and why Gartner’s advice is so dangerous
  • Learn how business transformation impacts both ‘fast’ digital efforts as well as ‘slow’ IT organizations
  • Understand how Enterprise Architects can be instrumental in helping their organizations avoid bimodal pitfalls and succeed with their digital transformation efforts

Featured Speaker: Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx

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