The goal is now in sight – if not yet in reach: a fully-automated operational production environment.

The rise of DevOps shows the progress we’ve made in automating the provisioning and configuration of ops, as well as application deployment. Management of the ops environment isn’t far behind.

IT Operations Management (ITOM), and in particular Application Performance Management (APM) are now well on their way to realizing this hands-off vision. But we’re not there yet. In today’s complex enterprise production environments, we still need people – but as the environments and applications become more difficult to manage, we must give our ops personnel smarter, more powerful tools.

How to use an abacus – not the algorithms we’re looking for

How to use an abacus – not the algorithms we’re looking for

First-generation monitoring tools simply took events and log entries and fed them to hapless ops personnel as alerts. The result: alert storms consisting of far too much information to be usable, where important information became lost in a sea of useless data.

The expanding definition of application in today’s digital world is only adding to the noise. Instead of the monolithic applications of yesterday, today’s modern digital application is likely to run both on premises and in the cloud, and consist of many separate elements: containers running numerous microservices, third-party plugins, and more.

This expanding context for the application is giving rise to a new market category: Digital Performance Management (DPM). DPM recognizes that in order to meet the needs and expectations of end-users, every element in such complex, interconnected applications must perform properly, every time, at velocity.

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