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As organizations continue to move to a software-defined world and adopt multi-cloud and hybrid IT strategies, security approaches that assume the enterprise controls the entire IT stack or require that on-premises and cloud-based workloads be secured separately are proving inadequate.

Bracket Computing has developed a novel approach to security based on the premise that organizations must be able to consistently secure workloads without regard to where they run and who owns the underlying infrastructure. Using what they call the ‘metavisor,’ they have created a security layer that sits on top of the hypervisor, but below the guest OS.

As a result, it has a one-to-one relationship with the guest in the same way that an agent-based security approach might, but without the inherent vulnerability of agent-based solutions. On the other hand, they provide the transparency and immutability of a network-based device, but without the need to control the underlying infrastructure. The result is what they call a “Computing Cell” — a secure computing instance that provides workload isolation, encryption, and micro-segmentation.

Most importantly, Bracket’s solution runs on all major public cloud platforms as well as on premises VMWare instances and can be managed using a centralized control platform. This universality enables enterprise security professionals to consistently administer security policies on a workload-by-workload basis across the entirety of the organization’s software-defined infrastructure – whether it’s in their data center or running in the cloud.

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