The Multi-Cloud and Hybrid IT Security Challenge

As hybrid environments are becoming the de facto production state, organizations are realizing that both the operational and security challenges are growing exponentially. The question that every IT leader must now tackle is how to leverage the power of this new approach without introducing security risks that will undermine their forward progress.

Closing the Cloud Security Gap by Breaking Down Silos

The cloud’s shared responsibility model presents a challenge that IT organizations must understand and address if they are going to ensure security and compliance in the cloud. This need becomes even more critical as enterprises come to terms with the fact that their architectures will span on-premises, private cloud and multi-cloud environments — what we now refer to as hybrid IT.

Cloud Security Pitfall: Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model

In the early days of the public cloud, enterprises were reluctant to place anything but lowest-risk, non-mission-critical applications in the cloud. Public-facing web sites and the […]

RedLock: Closing The Cloud’s Shared Security Gap

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief It has now become an accepted fact that the cloud is, in fact, more secure than almost any on-premises environment. This […]