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In July, Appian announced the inclusion of Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology directly in the Appian platform. Building on the long-standing partnership with Blue Prism, the addition of their RPA technology enables Appian to provide enterprise organizations with a complete automation platform for their most critical business processes.

Business process automation is now a critical activity for enterprises as they look to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and redeploy their teams to higher value activities. Through its rapid and highly collaborative platform, Appian has enabled its clients to automate a broad range of business processes to improve the customer experience, increase efficiencies and drive digital transformation activities.

As organizations look to expand their automation capabilities, however, they have turned to the emerging area of RPA to do so. Appian’s inclusion of Blue Prism’s RPA technology will now offer its clients a unified way to address their automation needs.

Appian customers will now be able to automate a business process using a combination of its low-code development environment to rapidly build applications for human interaction and oversight and invoke ‘software robots’ to handle repetitive, rules-based work. This end-to-end automation approach will enable its clients to rapidly automate business processes, dramatically extend their workforce capabilities and do it in a highly secure and scalable manner.

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