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The extreme time sensitivity requirements of real-time electronic trading led Corvil to develop an innovative approach to achieving extraordinary precision and accuracy in its network analytics – what the company calls ‘machine-time.’

While protocols like TCP/IP deal with timestamps on the order of milliseconds, Corvil can actually work with events on the nanosecond level, offering far greater precision than competitors’ technologies.

In addition, Corvil works from layer 2 (the physical address layer) all the way up to layer 7 (the application layer) of the OSI stack, and is thus able to correlate network events with application-level events like user actions with the same remarkable precision and accuracy.

Now that the vendor has significant traction in the electronic trading arena, it is expanding its offerings into IT Operations and Cybersecurity, where it can provide greater precision for technical personnel who are either tracking down causes of anomalies or uncovering the footsteps of hackers as they traverse the Cyber Kill Chain.

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