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Watching movies and reading all the hype you might think that artificial intelligence (AI) just happens. Write a bit of code, and you get a robot. The reality is that developers must create and train the cognitive engines that power AI. And that requires data. Lots and lots of data.

Moreover, when it comes to some of the most useful forms of AI — domains like Natural Language Processing (NLP), face and object recognition, sentiment analysis, and anomaly detection and prediction — every engine handles it a little bit differently. Each engine is trying to solve a slightly different problem and, therefore, gets different results. Because of these varying approaches, there has been an explosion in the creation of cognitive engines. AI platform Veritone realized that the need for data and the rapid increase in the number of cognitive engines presented an opportunity to change the way that enterprise organizations approach AI.

The result is the Veritone Platform. The company designed this platform as an open architecture that acts as a repository for unstructured data. Its ecosystem of third-party developers connect their independently developed cognitive engines into the company’s platform and data repository. A final layer of in-house and third party applications sit on top of the engines to make the intelligence and insights actionable for clients.

Two critical factors make the company’s approach worth noting. First, the company’s ecosystem of partners can leverage multiple cognitive engines when building applications. This engine-diversity enables them to create purpose-built applications to solve specific business problems and also results in higher levels of accuracy than using any one single engine. Second, the company aggregates and abstracts data supplied by both its clients and its ecosystem into data training sets that help its network of cognitive engine developers continually train and improve their engines — while still protecting the proprietary nature of its client’s data. The result, if the company achieves its ambitious vision, will be an open-AI platform that gets exponentially better as it consumes more data and hosts more cognitive engines.

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