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Big data has changed significantly in the last several years. In the not-so-distant past, big data was all about moving data to an analysis platform to mine it for insights that could provide advantage. Just collecting all of that data, managing it and analyzing it retrospectively was enough to give you an edge. But today, everyone has lots of data. Now, the difference comes from connecting the dots within the data and delivering those insights as close to the point of engagement as possible.

Moreover, as data has proliferated and as organizations demand insights in real-time, the notion that they can somehow collect it in a single source has proven farcical. As a result, they need a way to act on data regardless of its source or location and whether it is at rest or in motion — moving the analytics process to wherever the data may be. Hortonworks calls this the modern data architecture  — and it believes that its DataPlane service can help organizations create and manage it.

The company’s solution enables organizations to connect the platform to multiple data sources, globally manage their consolidated data architecture and apply security policies to it no matter where the data is and whether it is at rest or in motion. In addition, the solution has an extensible services layer that enables them to do things like manage the data lifecycle and curate, govern and manage data across clusters using their own or third-party services to do so.

The company further believes that its continuing commitment to open source gives it a competitive advantage in the market. It feels that as data continues to proliferate across multiple clusters and multiple tiers, proprietary data management models break down. Therefore, according to the company, the only way that organizations can manage the modern data architecture effectively is with an open source model.

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