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Magic Software is a well-established on-premises integration vendor. It has particular expertise in manufacturing, in particular with Oracle’s aging JD Edwards ERP software.

The most remarkable differentiator of xpi, Magic’s on-premises integration offering, is the incorporation of the GigaSpaces XAP in-memory data grid, which provides higher performance transaction processing as compared to traditional integration technologies.

Magic’s newest offering, xpc, is a fully cloud-native integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Magic claims that xpc has all new code, leaving the xpi codebase behind. As a result, xpc is able to offer all the modern bells and whistles one would expect from cloud-native middleware: it is fully containerized, microservices-based, multitenant, and offers real-time data processing.

In fact, the two products have largely different value propositions. xpc is best-suited for cloud-native companies and smaller organizations, while complex enterprise integration scenarios remain better suited to xpi.

An upcoming hosted xpi option will help address the needs of cloud-first enterprises who want the best of both worlds.

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