The red pill of reality, vs. the blue pill of illusion?

I was recently speaking with an executive of a hot new blockchain-based startup. Her story was deeply appalling.

“We met with James*, the CEO of a prospect,” Sandy* told me. “My boss, Lance*, said, ‘you are here to listen. Let the big boys handle this stuff.’ Lance then told me that James says he’ll sign up as long as he gets to sleep with me.’”

The red pill of reality, vs. the blue pill of illusion?

The red pill of reality, vs. the blue pill of illusion?

When Sandy protested, Lance pushed back. “Lance said, ‘take one for the team. This is how the big leagues are,’” Sandy reported.

Unfortunately, stories like Sandy’s are all too common – within the blockchain community and the tech community at large.

This sad situation, however, isn’t news. With the publication of the controversial article “‘Oh My God, This Is So F—ed Up’: Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side” by Emily Chang in Vanity Fair earlier this month, the entire technology community is now hyper-aware of the ‘bro culture’ at the heart of Silicon Valley.

Where Silicon Valley bros go, so too go the bros of blockchain. The blockchain/cryptocurrency segment of this tech community, shockingly, is where the worst of the worst congregate – the misogynistic heart beating at the center of the blockchain community and the tech world at large.

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