By Malcolm Rose

If you’re in the cryptocurrency world and have a personality that’s anything like mine, you’re equal parts amused and exhausted when it comes to low-tier, ignorant would-be “journalists” talking about technology they barely understand. As someone with a master’s degree in computer science, I know that I can’t always expect regular people to understand blockchain technology as thoroughly as I do. Even so, people should at least do their due diligence if they’re going to write about an issue as complicated as cryptocurrency — you should keep your opinions to yourself if you aren’t willing to establish some basic knowledge, because otherwise you’re going to end up looking like a fool when you say things that are patently false. This might also end up being really damaging to your reputation if you are purporting to be some sort of technology expert.

At the time of this writing, if you Google “Bitcoin,” you might come up with Jason Bloomberg’s new article which was published on Forbes’s site on March 10th, 2018. The title is “We Need To Shut Bitcoin And All Other Cryptocurrencies Down. Here’s Why.” What?

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