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A lot has changed since we last spoke with Cogito a year and a half ago. At the time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems were only beginning to go mainstream, at least in terms of public perception. Today, we all pretty much expect that every technology vendor has some form of AI baked into their system. That has led to a lot of AI ‘hand waving’, but not much real-world application of AI in any meaningful sense.

Cogito has taken a much more focused and direct approach to how they apply AI technology to deliver a business outcome — and the market seems to be responding. In its case, the company is using AI to provide what it calls real-time conversational guidance to call center agents. You can think of it as a sort of “emotional intelligence-as-a-service.”

According to the company, it has grown substantially since we last spoke with them and has moved from pilot implementations to full-blown deployments with several key clients. As it has, the company is collecting large amounts of data about what good human-to-human interaction look like, refining its models and are exploring how it might feed that data and the resulting models into other systems and for different use cases in the future.

For now, the company is using its platform to help clients create specialized models to extend the value of the platform. For instance, it is helping some clients use the platform to develop customer experience scores, assess specific customer perceptions and even predict future behavior based on past human-to-human interactions. Overall, the company sees its platform as “human-aware and human-empowering” with a goal of providing humans real-time feedback so that they can make better decisions and provide better service.

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