Enterprise IT and business leaders are looking for technology solutions that help them simultaneously transform and reorient the organization’s operating model around the customer experience, while being able to manage the complexity that such an orientation creates.

From the earliest days of the modern computing era, IT and business leaders understood that once you deployed technology to run an important part of the business, you needed some way of monitoring and managing that technology.

There’s been a robust market for monitoring solutions ever since.

As the technology stack became more complex and as organizations deployed technology in ever-more critical functions, the relative importance of monitoring solutions continued to rise. It was a simple equation: new technologies begat new monitoring solutions.

More recently, however, there has been a shift in this dynamic.

As digital transformation has taken root across the enterprise landscape, organizations are realizing that merely monitoring infrastructure and applications is not enough as they seek to enhance the customer experience and create organizational agility across every dimension of their now-critical technology stack.

The traditional application and infrastructure monitoring sectors have largely responded by rebranding themselves as performance management. But a few companies are not satisfied with just a rebrand and are instead on a mission to fundamentally redefine the monitoring business altogether.

Read the full article on CIO.com: https://www.cio.com/article/3268762/it-service-management/why-the-customer-experience-is-the-future-of-monitoring.html

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