Back when all programming was ‘high code.’

The burgeoning low-code/no-code market is exploding with innovation, driving unprecedented value for customers while confusing industry analysts.

Back when all programming was ‘high code.’

Back when all programming was ‘high code.’

Gartner clings to its incoherent ‘High Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service’ categorization, dumping the impossible-to-type HPaPaaS abbreviation onto the market like an elephant sitting on a flower. Yes, we pronounce that huh-PAP-ass.

Forrester brings a bit more clarity to the market, having finally recognized that no-code is neither the same as low-code nor a toy – and yet, confusingly separates ‘low-code’ from ‘mobile low-code’ while considering low-code to be a ‘development platform’ – a designation that shortchanges the power of many vendors’ offerings.

I have written about the low-code/no-code space for Forbes several times myself, including the article The Low-Code/No-Code Movement: More Disruptive Than You Realize from July 2017, where I pointed out that the distinction between low-code and no-code was more about whether the target application creator was a professional or ‘citizen’ developer than whether or not anyone would have to write any code.

However, as no-code platforms become more powerful and versatile, while low-code platforms become more seamless and easy to use, the distinction between the two continues to blur. Instead, a more significant distinction is becoming more apparent – one that the leading analyst firms have largely missed.

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